The Lowe Lab at Hopkins Marine Station



Welcome to the Marine Larvae Video Resource hosted by the Lowe Laboratory at Hopkins Marine Station. The following pages contain a database of high-definition videos documenting the development of marine invertebrates for research and educational use. Many of these videos were filmed by undergraduates in my invertebrate development class. Navigate to a particular species by clicking through the tips of the phylogenetic tree (above), stepping through the “Metazoan Phylogeny” menu (above), or jumping directly to the “Species Library” (above). Pressing the “View and Download” button below a particular description will allow you to stream each video in full quality (best viewed in full screen by right-clicking the video and selecting “Fullscreen”). Alternatively, you can download a video for later use by right-clicking the video and selecting “Save as QuickTime Movie.” Finally, if you have footage or information that you feel is pertinent to this site, please see the “Contribute Video” page in the main menu for more information.